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How To Dry Clean Pillows

Dry cleaning is a procedure that utilizes a percentage of liquid solvent to totally tidy clothes and other house products. Toss pillows and other kinds of pillows typically have a tag that suggests dry cleansing to completely clean up the within and beyond the pillow.

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The Process

The dry cleaning procedure starts with a liquid cleaning solvent applied to any spots or unclean spots on the pillow. A various solvent, water or soap is then contributed to a device, and the pillows are tossed inside. The devices move quickly, agitating the pillows and cleaning up the within and outdoors. The pillows are relocated to a different machine and upset once again, to eliminate any liquid.

Factors to Consider

Contact your dry cleaner initially, as some spot-treat just the beyond the pillow. The liquid solvent is applied to the outdoors then dried in a big clothes dryer that totally gets rid of any remaining liquid.


DIY dry cleaning packages permit you to dry tidy pillows in the house. The packages consist of the liquid solvent, which you apply to the pillows then dry in your house clothes dryer.